Most of us are aware of the Hawaiian aloha spirit and strength, but few know what goes on behind the scenes of paradise

Hawaii is home to the largest percentage of homeless per capita.

Ulu Wini is a transitional housing unit for homeless and low-income families in Kona, Hawaii. There are existing programs to help adults transition, but very few for their children, so professional triathlete Carrie McCoy founded Kona Kids, an after-school program for the children of Ulu Wini. Kona Kids aims to foster learning experiences and developmental resources for these elementary- and middle-school aged children through education, exercise, and leadership.

The long-term goal of Kona Kids is to help the children earn college scholarships, and we are proud to say that Kona Kids has developed a leadership incentive program.

The vision of Kona Kids is incomplete without your help. We kindly ask that you consider helping the families and children of Ulu Wini.